4th Volume of Gregmargorithm’s Recommended Stories to Rebecca Romanelli

Rebecca enjoyed each of my personally curated picks — I hope you do too

Marcus aka Gregory Maidman


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Having previously issued Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3, I’ll assume the reader knows the genesis and meaning of Gregmargorithm, so I’ll get straight to this week’s recommended reading from Natasha MH, Claire Kelly, Tony Leo, Arthur G. Hernandez, Maria Rattray, and Terry Pottinger.

Natasha MH writes with beautiful and interesting metaphors and paints vivid pictures with her words.

I was on the 6.30 pm light transit train from Sentral heading south to Subang when I looked up and saw the beautiful artwork of a liquid sky of cotton candy pink with streaks of light orange blending into a baby blue horizon.

Natasha also knows how to draw her readers into her stories so that we feel present in the scenes she describes. On this story,

I commented:

This is so good. My heart rose and sunk with yours. I was thinking of my encounter with my frequent, actually every lifecycle, traveler Sitara, whom I knew this life as Lindsey.

“Strangers in the night
Yet familiar like old friends
Twas love at first sight
Her passing awakened them
Infinite eternal love”

I thought of that night reading your story, especially when you spoke about the ease of conversation….

Rebecca connected her comment to Natasha to these words from the story: “I turned and walked away before I could catch his eyes again.”

I have been in the same situation and also walked away.

I saw the wisdom in my decision later but at the time there was a powerful draw and it was a struggle to resist.

I don’t think your heart will fossilize without a primary relationship.

I went through periods without partners by choice.

I wanted to feel the essence of my…



Marcus aka Gregory Maidman

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