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Living 17,043rd human life. I am Marcus (universal name) or you may call me Greg; a deep thinker; an explorer of ideas and the mind.

Plus a program for living a spiritual life

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I’ve been bouncing this essay around in short forms and in comments for months. I finally feel the full spark of inspiration, catalyzed by my friend Jean Carfantan’s introduction to his newsletter the other day.

We just can’t stay in the kingdom of ideas, knowledge has to be incarnated to exist. We need to be involved in the affairs of the world otherwise the vacancy is dangerous and may be used by malevolents. This is why I don’t like the word Spirituality, this word is a way to park us in the domain of the spiritual only and leave the…

A reader asked me: “What if upon reincarnation the person is still a narcissist?” I clarify my thoughts on reincarnation in order to reframe and attempt to answer the question

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I entered reincarnation in my image search and chose this conceptual image because the chalkboard evokes a schoolhouse. Shortly after Lindsey’s passing catapulted me back onto my spiritual journey in the passing lane on the Autobahn driving a manual-transmission (stick-shift with a racing clutch, not the paddle-shifting crap that has Enzo Ferrari rolling his eyes from Heaven), vintage Porche 911 Targa,

Monday Prompt

An unbroken line tanka plus four 5/7/5/7/7 memorials to the real deal, signed with an unbroken line salutation of eternal love

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Unconditional love rare on Earth ruled by egos and attachments from which awake souls should detach with not suffer from love

Love — Eros and Agape
I gave and you learned
You gave me the greatest gift
Love from a beautiful soul

Please see the decoder ring here

Love’s a condition
that should not have conditions
Love with conditions
is a property exchange
It’s legal prostitution

For the decoder ring, please see White Feather’s

love twixt humans forever?
Perhaps, perhaps not.
Love is a state of being.
Beings constantly in flux.

Diana’s prompt for today happens to be…


Every story benefits from content editing

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I work with a few writers on editing their stories pre-submission to any publication of their choosing. Often this involves me being a quasi-translator — in other words, I look at their EFL text, figure out from the context what they were saying in their head, and fix their mistranslation to proper English.

If I spoke a foreign language and translated from scratch, I would get the “translated by” credit. However, for the content-enhancing-capacity by which I do contribute, perhaps I get a little special thanks at the bottom of the piece if the publication allows it, or if…

Buffet style religious and spiritual nourishment

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I write this published-response, which is a new modality here on Medium,

which must have been in the works before I complained the other day in

that we could not attach responses-as-stories to our profiles, to this deep and wonderfully spiritual story by an apparent newbie to Medium, Laxaa:

Laxaa writes:

I can’t wrap myself in any one “title” because I have had too many personal experiences.

I am not saying that all “religions” are valid. I am saying no “religion” is valid. Many “religions” contain kernels of truth; aspects of God. Many “religions” lay claim to certain mystics who…

Alignment disorder

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I am an editor of ILLUMINATION. In a moment that illuminates the wonderous synchronicities afforded to every single person on Earth, just a few minutes ago, moments from an intention to return to bed, I hopped into our “Q” and at the very top of the list of articles awaiting review for submission, I found Fahim Chughtai’s story The Root Cause Of Addiction.

People think about willpower as the strength not to engage in some behavior, but according to the stoics and the Aztecs, it is also the strength to do the unpleasant.


1. one part of willpower concerns the ability to do what is disagreeable,

2. another part concerns willing not to do something, and

3. a final part concerns knowing what you truly want in the first place.

I cite that story by Sebastian Purcell, PhD in this story of mine.

Gods, please breathe into me the strength to do with serenity that for which I have distaste; the strength to say no to burning desires; and the wisdom to know that my path will lead to what I truly need and serene happiness will ensue

Esther I have said for years that one cannot make sense out of nonsense — meaning that one cannot explain someone else's stupid or irrational statements or actions.

Photo by Good Free Photos on Unsplash

Where I depart from this piece is where you say stop asking questions. Never stop asking questions. The smartest people ask the best questions. I guess the rub is knowing what questions to ask — questions that the answers to will further growth. What questions will elevate? I believe that scientists often ask the wrong questions and then say something doesn't exist because they cannot prove that it does exist.

I do not believe the universe will let our simple human minds solve many mysteries and it is hubris to think we can. I do not understand why many feel the need to.

jules, Libby, Keri Mangis, any thoughts?

How can you befriend solitude and learn to self-soothe through moments of loneliness?”

Dodoitsu and American cinquain prompt responses

19859343 by Tim0920 licensed by — My search: “In the presence of God”

I have accepted Diana C.’s suggestion to challenge myself with 50 answers in 50 days to her 50 questions for self-reflection.

I love writing tanka.

I write tanka because the art form challenges me to think deeply and fit so much into few words and not waste space with various forms of connective words that do not actually add meaning to the piece.

Tanka challenges
Fits my personality
Deeply broad thinker
Spiritual and few words
Make every fucking word count

and thus answered Diana’s 30-day poetry challenge with nothing but tanka, yet have embarked on a journey to respond to…

Power-based relationships may survive game playing but true love thrives on equality and vulnerability

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Prompt #5: How can you handle conflict in such a way that it yields intimacy and helps relationships grow?

Simple answer: Shut up, listen, and meet your partner’s emotional needs without losing sight of your own, while maintaining your boundaries and allowing their autonomy

American Cinquain

Hold soul’s windows
Relate to emotions
Address fear and anger with love
Share me


Why the fuck did you do that?
Triggered trauma memory
I thought I had dealt with it
We will together

Prompt #4 was: How can you learn to better communicate your needs instead of expecting others to interpret…


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