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Living 17,043rd human life. I am Marcus (universal name) or you may call me Greg; a deep thinker; an explorer of ideas and the mind.

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Suggestions on how to save the American experiment of a republic based upon a representative democracy by, of and for the people

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Typically, but not often enough in our polarized, factionalized, and tribal-mentality-based society, one would state my title with the words “agree to disagree.” I chose “agree not to agree” to evoke that no one's alternate truth, as long as based upon indisputable facts, needs to be disagreed with, and to show that nuances are not semantics. I cannot stand when I point out in a discussion, with a black and white thinker, using rhetoric appropriately, that the answers may reside in a grey area that does not comport with their need for simple answers to support their positions, and their…


Along with my essay on matters of life and death, including suicide, from the perspectives gained on my nearly 10-year-and-counting and never-ending spiritual journey

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We Are Only As Sick As Our Secrets

Suicide provides no relief at all
On ledge imagining end to my pain
Pavement streaming toward me will not end fall
Just before break solution becomes plain
My penance to help others to refrain
Thought my loved ones better off without me
Truth’s too likely they’ll header into sea
Had I known that death cannot be cheated
Baring deep secrets would cure malady
Death would not have left loved ones defeated

Companion Essay — Advocating for Suicide Prevention Through Awareness of Spiritual Implications for the Dead and the Living


I had no idea on that day in June of 1991 that I had taken the first fateful step on…

Plus a program for living a spiritual life

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I’ve been bouncing this essay around in short forms and in comments for months. I finally feel the full spark of inspiration, catalyzed by my friend Jean Carfantan’s introduction to his newsletter the other day.

We just can’t stay in the kingdom of ideas, knowledge has to be incarnated to exist. We need to be involved in the affairs of the world otherwise the vacancy is dangerous and may be used by malevolents. This is why I don’t like the word Spirituality, this word is a way to park us in the domain of the spiritual only and leave the…

A reader asked me: “What if upon reincarnation the person is still a narcissist?” I clarify my thoughts on reincarnation in order to reframe and attempt to answer the question

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I entered reincarnation in my image search and chose this conceptual image because the chalkboard evokes a schoolhouse. Shortly after Lindsey’s passing catapulted me back onto my spiritual journey in the passing lane on the Autobahn driving a manual-transmission (stick-shift with a racing clutch, not the paddle-shifting crap that has Enzo Ferrari rolling his eyes from Heaven), vintage Porche 911 Targa,

Alignment disorder

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I am an editor of ILLUMINATION. In a moment that illuminates the wonderous synchronicities afforded to every single person on Earth, just a few minutes ago, moments from an intention to return to bed, I hopped into our “Q” and at the very top of the list of articles awaiting review for submission, I found Fahim Chughtai’s story The Root Cause Of Addiction.

How writer-editor collaborations and friendships inspire great content creation

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I am an editor here in SYNERGY, as well as two of its sister Illumination Integrated Publications (“IIP”), ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR. Among the many pleasures and opportunities that has provided me are the wonderful relationships I have developed with other writers on Medium and being able to meaningfully contribute to their stories. Many writers do not avail themselves of the benefits of building a relationship with an editor. In order for you to understand what you can gain from such a relationship, first you need to understand what an editor does.

Carol Price describes very well what an…

Here’s a life lesson I learned from playing online poker.


I was getting quite good, going deep into tournaments, making several final tables. I started noticing that the deals are not random — hands repeat every tournament. I started playing the cards only and stopped succeeding. I then realized that even though I might know what the cards would be, if I wasn’t going to have the nuts, a hand I had won before was not guaranteed to win again because I may not have seen all the other players’ cards as the players in previous hands may have folded pre-flop or before the turn or the river with hands that would have ended up winning. Like the card dealing algorithm, life occurs in repeating patterns. However, with different people and thus while those “hands” may seem similar, they could actually be quite different.

Responds to Paul Ryburn, M.Sc.’s story.

Editor’s Picks | Spirituality

My editor’s picks in the spirituality tag from Illumination’s Mirror

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I intend to feature, from time to time, on an irregular schedule, stories published in the various outlets of Illumination Integrated Publications tagged in Spirituality that I feel worthy of highlighting for our readers. My first two volumes featured stories from ILLUMINATION.

Today I turn the focus to ILLUMINATION’s Mirror, and in no particular order, highlight these fine writers for the readers of SYNERGY.

Christina Vaughn: Nurse, Writer, Creator.

I understood that to fully grasp and accept the verity and magnificence of my presence in the universe; I had to also welcome the ultimate coming of my demise in the…

Featuring some of my favorite recent stories in the reader interest tag “spirituality” and a few that I would have so tagged

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I shall feature, from time to time, on an irregular schedule, stories published in the various outlets of Illumination Integrated Publications tagged in Spirituality that I feel worthy of highlighting for our readers. So, without further ado and in no particular order…

AbdulElah AlTamimi (Abi)

Far too many new-age writers of spiritual BS condemn the ego and wish death to everyone's. Abi recognizes that we cannot survive without our egos.

“As you will soon come to learn, your ego isn’t bad. …


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