God Doesn’t Root for Either Team

A sonnet about unconditional love

Marcus aka Gregory Maidman
2 min readMay 3, 2024
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Mets shortstop felt too ill to start the game
Pinch hitting in sixth doubled in two runs
Next batter up succeeded with the same
so now score tied and home crowd having fun

On edge of my seat feeling much tension
the game proceeds on to extra innings
Their free runner streams to plate collision
What a catch and tag, I scream while grinning

Score still tied move on to the eleventh
Cubs bat their go-ahead run ‘cross the plate
Next half inning, more manna from Heaven
Star shortstop knocks in winning runs, such fate

Thanks the Lord for his and his team’s success
Puzzled Parent’s other kids feel depressed

While watching my Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor’s post-game on-the-field interview today, and listening to him thank God for the outcome, I thought of how ridiculous all athletes and people generally sound to me when they do this. God loves all its children unconditionally and thus cannot favor any result over another.



Marcus aka Gregory Maidman

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