“I Am Sitting by Her Bedside Right Now Begging Her Not To Leave Me… Keep Me and My Baby Girl in Your Prayers.”

Please join me in and oblige me by praying for my friend and her daughter in the not traditional manner I shall discuss herein — it takes a village


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So much synchronicity lands me here, asking you all to join me in a form of prayer I learned from White Feather but before I bury the lede, I’ll let my friend’s words and the energy she broadcast and you shall receive speak for themselves.

“I have some tragic news that happened to my daughter Marissa. On Mother’s Day, she was brought to the hospital with extreme dehydration — her potassium and magnesium were almost nonexistent. One of the cockroaches that she dragged home from rehab took her to the hospital. She started to seize and then went into cardiac arrest. For 30 minutes! The scum that was with her called me and started the conversation by saying Marissa had no pulse. … I have never felt this kind of fear or pain in my life. Please pray for her! I was going to call you and let you know, but it’s so hard for me to talk about it and it’s also not wanting to put this kind of shit on you.”

Whoa, not the response I expected to my text that started the conversation, which ironically, was about alcohol and a realization I had about why she and I feel it makes us more psychic. Her response started with “I would agree” and then in the same text came the rest.

What should I say, runs through my mind. What’s the right thing to say? How do I help? Should I try to help or just express sympathy?

He had a wonderful knack for the delicate and fine art of consoling, of sympathetic sharing and easing of sorrow when one of his friends was in distress. — Hermann Hesse

(Synchronicity — I reached that page in Peter Camenzind a little while after I finished texting her. I hope I emulated Peter’s friend Richard)

I began with:

“You should have called me. I know being friends with a client is a difficult set of boundaries to navigate but Anne, you know where my heart goes and you sharing with me would not have been a burden on me. What are…



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