Medium Just Rectified a Grave Error

Congratulations on a good start


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I’m so happy new code just rolled out to me and Medium got rid of the obnoxious side bar within stories and now have restored the identity of all highlighters to the right side of the page!!!

17 months ago I published:

The fact that story perfored quite well statistically both pleased and bothered me.

Medium screwing with the wonderful community building, feedback, and meaningfully engaging highlight function comprised only part of my rant — I am pleased to see they fixed it — I doubt they listened to me — perhaps many others noted the absurdity or perhaps someone at the company possesses wisdom and vision beyond profit motive and values the community.

My story contained a few other complaints — the clap system they really and truly should address and fix — at the very least people would stop writing annoying stories about clap for me and others or aggravatingly asking for claps within their stories and complain about those who single clap.

The clap system is a vestige of the old pay-wall calculus. Now, it only serves as either an ego stroke or a source of irritation between writers. It took me months before I even realized that multiple claps were possible. Then I could not figure out what different amounts of claps meant to different people. I asked a few times and no one responded. I’ve seen people complain that why clap at all if not giving the max? Are you kidding me? Finally, I came up with my own system: 0, 18 or 36. To me, 50 is perfunctory and 36 is very meaningful, because in Jewish superstition, 18 is a very lucky number as it’s formed with the same letters as the word for life, and thus “double chai” [pronounced gutterally from the throat, not like the tea] connotes something very special. Le Chayim!

Make the scale 1–100, or 1–10. Make the rater anonymous unless they want to be identified. Each piece should have two scores à la Rotten Tomatoes. The average score from writers and the…



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